Mission and vision – English

16 02 2010

The members of “Haiti initiative” commit ourselves to concentrate our efforts into supporting the Haitian people in the efforts of post-disaster reconstruction. Our work is based on multidisciplinary collaboration and on the combination of efforts by Canadian universities, private sector participants, and local partners.

We are committed to meet two fundamental values:

1. We embrace an evolutionary approach based on gradual learning, progressive consolidation of partners, adaptation, and caution. Our actions then progress in a short, medium and long-term time scale, aiming to establish an approach that does not separate emergency from temporary or long-term time frames.

2. We acknowledge that there are various local capacities and strengths in Haiti, and that they have to be put forward during reconstruction efforts. We therefore attach great importance to the participation of beneficiaries and communities in active decision making. We also emphasize the importance of working with credible, relevant and well-established local partners. This can be achieved through our joint work with universities, private and public partners.

Our initiative is based on three actions:

(1) The effective use of the existing expertise within our team through a governance model relying on local structures and decision making from the civil society, (2) training, and (3) research and information.

We are confident that some negative effects can be avoided by following our approach, namely:

– Quick and urgent intervention that often results in inappropriate solutions to real needs
– Fragmented interventions
– Duplication of efforts

The originality of our approach is based on our emphasis on training and education. It includes two possible courses of action: (1) on-site training, and (2) education at various levels within our academic programs in Canada. This process can be developed at several stages to potentially involve Haitian professors and partners.




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